What's up with ch.one & a new rig

It was such a joy to build my first full loop rig – the ch.one. What I do owe you is the fourth and final part of the series which is basically the presentation of the completed build. That will happen as soon as I find a day where it isn't in production so I can prepare it for a photo shoot. Probably when doing shoots for my upcoming build.

I will build a new rig in 2018 which is a great opportunity to further advance my skills in this area.

The new build is based on a Ryzen (again), but this time the Zen+ (2nd generation). It will include a full water loop and I'll try my best to make a more ambitious and compelling loop design as in the ch.one, which was pretty basic – but still a challenge for the first build.

The ch.one was created for video editing and heavy multi-tasking, which is also the intended purpose of the new build. This time it's not for my brother, but for our co-worker Simon.

The build log will start in July or early August.